Standard Taxi – functional, not attractive


    Standard Taxi, a Michigan based company, wants to develop a vehicle that can be used specifically and effectively for taxicabs in the U.S., much like what exists in Britain, and the movie Total Recall.

    Their approach definitely went for functional over stylish. This ugly box on wheels has room for four passengers, is wheelchair accessible without modification, and can carry enough luggage (26.7 cu. ft.) to let you go away for a year without doing laundry. The driver’s seat is separate from the rest of the vehicle, giving more room for passengers than cabs on the road today.

    You would think with its ugly design and all, it would be packing some lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen tanks, or other form of innovative fuel-efficient goodness. Unfortunately not, standard petro for this yellow beast. If you still want one, it will be available for purchase by the end of next year.