Paragon’s mobile switches from GSM to VoIP

Paragon’s mobile switches from GSM to VoIP


Here’s a mobile phone that offers a seamless transfer between GSM and VoIP networks. The Paragon Wireless hipi-2200 is a quadband candybar phone that can give you hi-res shots (via the 2-megapixel CMOS camera), digital audio playback (via the integrated MP3/MPEG 4 player), email and browsing capabilities (using Windows Mobile 5.0), and expandable storage (via the miniSD card slot).

It’s a slim little number, coming in at 107mm x 45mm x 16mm. It looks shiny as well, and you know how we like shiny toys, especially VoIP and GSM ones.

The four-hour talk time is a bit disappointing, and we’d like to have more email functionality, but we shouldn’t worry to much since it will probably never make it over seas.