Over one million miles logged on nikeplus.com


    The biggest name in portable music players teamed up with one of the biggest names in sporting equipment just ten weeks ago. Together, they released the Nike+iPod combo. In that span of time, runners have logged in over one million miles using this “experience”, which is equivalent to “circling the world more than 40 times.” That’s a lot of running.

    Nearly 8,000 people have logged their miles at Nikeplus.com, including some lengthy journeys in Boulder, Phoenix, Seattle, New York, and Boston. The current record for a 10K sprint is 27 minutes and 43 seconds. What’s starting to emerge is an international “online running community”, the biggest of its kind, according to Nike chief marketing officer Trevor Edwards. The next milestone for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit? “We’re looking forward to the billionth mile.”