iKEY Plus records digital audio at 320kbps

iKEY Plus records digital audio at 320kbps


The prevalence of digital audio these days has made recording and listening much less of a chore, especially lately. Podcasts proliferate seemingly daily. Enter the iKEY Plus, successor to the original iKey revealed just one year ago.

The iKEY Plus can record to any external USB device, writing directly and quickly to MP3 or WAV format. The highest quality is 320kbps, which should easily be enough for most purposes. The WAV files are uncompressed, which don’t always play nice with all DAPs, especially the iPod. And they take up a huge amount of room, but we’re guessing that you’ll want to record in MP3 mode if you’re using it for simple DAP playback.

The iKey plus also adds a 6-bar VU meter with peak hold and Overload indicator, phono pre-amp and LED Indicator to show available memory on your device.

Release is set for late October, the price will be a bit higher then the original iKey’s launch price of US$239.