Delphi NAV200: GPS on a budget


    Whenever you hop into your friends’ cars, you see them whip out some nifty new GPS navigation device whereas you still restrict yourself to an old school paper map and a sense of “I think I recognize that building”. Fret no more, my penny pinching commuters, because Delphi has a full-featured GPS unit for you that is actually affordable. The NAV200 can do everything the big boys can do, but it’ll only set you back $350.

    The 3.5-inch color display is a touchscreen, and while this SiRFstar III-powered navigator appears to lack any internal memory, the included 1.5GB SD card will provide you with all the US and Canada maps you need. When you get bored of looking at maps, the NAV200 will keep you informed and entertained with its picture viewer, media player, calculator, and world clock.