Buffalo DH-ONE/U2 gives your laptop TV via USB

Buffalo DH-ONE/U2 gives your laptop TV via USB


It really can’t get much simpler than this. If you can manage to get a laptop onto your next flight, you may want to pack in the new DH-ONE/U2 from Buffalo as well because this is quite the compact USB TV Tuner.

As far as specs and such, there really isn’t much that sets this apart from similar devices on the market — it’ll let you record your programs in MPEG-4 at 320 x 180 pixels — but with the sleek little antenna, other people may not even notice that you’re catching a newfound version of the boob tube. It’ll also support an external antenna, as well as Internet Electronic Programming Guide.

Look for the Buffalo DH-ONE/U2 in Japan next month with an asking price of 12,500 Yen (US$105).