Spotted: BMW 135ti hot hatchback with 3 doors

Spotted: BMW 135ti hot hatchback with 3 doors


One of the hottest new segments in the market today is the compact hatchback. Sure, we’ve got budget-minded entries from Toyota (Yaris), Honda (Fit), and Nissan (Versa), but what if you want a little more luxury? A little more power?

BMW has never brought their 1 series to North America (to my knowledge), but if we all beg Santa extra nice, we can hope that the Bavarian company brings the 135ti our way. Who can resist a 3-door hatch with 306 horsepower? It’s a 3.0-litre turbo-engine for crying out loud!

The car has already been spotted in the wild with very little as far as camouflage. What this means is that the BMW 135ti could be close to production-ready, at least in its 3-door form. The 5-door was spotted last month (not as attractive, I’d say).