iPod nano gets a woody

iPod nano gets a woody


One way to solve those scratching problems is to store your iPod nano in a wooden case. Miniot, a Dutch company, has one of those, and it’s a bit stylish despite its name.

It’s the iWood Nano 2G and is distinctive in a crowded market. Each hinged-lid case is carved from a single piece of wood and can include a monogram or logo of your choosing. The different kinds of wood will include cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut.

Proving that they’ve thought of everything, the folks at Miniot also make it in two versions, one that has corresponding dock connector and headphone jack holes in the bottom and one that connects to a lanyard.

The iWood Nano 2G is on the pricey side. You’re killing a real tree here, after all. You can get one soon for US$95.