Sprint launches Mobile Security solution

Sprint launches Mobile Security solution


We’ve all learned (likely the hard way) about viruses, Trojans, hackers and worms when it comes to our desktop computers, but as our cell phones and other mobile devices are getting easier to connect, it becomes paramount to provide them with just as much security.

Sprint today announced a Mobile Security solution that is designed to protect a wide range of mobile handhelds. It is designed to address data protection, threat prevention and compliance.

You don’t want random competitors and would-be leakers to access your company’s intranet (as much as us bloggers would love it), and with Sprint Mobile Security, individual files and entire devices can be securely protected, while allowing access for select company officials. Naturally, this solution also involves protection against viruses and such. One feature — compliance — is great for the higher-ups, but not so great for slackers because it is designed to “ensure that only corporate-sanctioned applications are on their devices.”