Sony says, “Burn baby, burn!” with new optical drives

Sony says, “Burn baby, burn!” with new optical drives


Four new optical drives are coming down the Sony chute, all of which are more than happy to tackle a wide variety of CD and DVD formats. They’re saying that these 12th-generation units are “packed with high performance”, supporting both dual and double layer formats.

The new 830 series — consisting of the internal DRU -830A ($70), external DRX-830 ($100), and external DRX-830UL-T ($120) — are said to support “all of the industry’s leading recording formats.” Take a standard 16X DVD +/-R disc, shove ‘er in there, and enjoy the industry’s fastest 18x recording speed. This translates to a five-minute burning time for 4.7 gigs of data.

Tight on space? Look no further than the space-saving DRX-S50U ($130), an external high-speed drive that comes bundled with Nero 7 software suite for DVD authoring, video editing, photo retouching, and even disc label creation.