Cenix unveils flash-based CMP-M5 skinny music player


    The comparisons to the iPod nano are inevitable, but I think we can all agree that the most popular electronic devices on the market today are all skinny, so if you want to make it in this chic world, you need to shed a few pounds and inches. The latest MP3 player coming from Cenix — the CMP-M5 — features click wheel-like navigation, a vibrant 1.66-inch TFT LCD, and a thickness of just 8mm.

    The rest of its dimensions are 39 x 88mm and it weighs in at just 38 grams. To be available in four different capacities (ranging from 256MB to 2GB), the CMP-M5 has a battery life of about 10 hours while playing back MP3, WMA, and SMV files. Other key features include FM radio and what appears to be voice recording. No word on pricing.