User reports design flaw in BlackBerry Pearl

User reports design flaw in BlackBerry Pearl


Granted, the Pearl is quite a bit more attractive than most of the handsets being offered from Research in Motion, but it’s got one fatal flaw. You know that trackball that everyone is raving about? It turns out that if you nudge that ball (at all) when a call is coming in, the ringer goes silent.

This “feature” may be great when you’re in a meeting or somewhere quiet, and you need to quickly silence your phone (the volume key on my old Motorola V600 does the same).

What this means, however, is that if you happen to stash your BB in your pocket and a call comes in, there’s a good chance you won’t hear it ring as the trackball rubs up against your thigh. Apparently, this is even true for when the keypad lock is on. Nothing a firmware update won’t fix im sure.