PixelPlus unveils 1/8.7 inch VGA CMOS sensor


    Our cell phones are getting smaller and smaller just as our webcams are getting tinier by the second. As a result, companies are feverishly working to shrink the necessary components. PixelPlus has jumped into the next frontier with their latest: a “System-on-a-Chip” (SoC) CMOS sensor that measures a mere 1/8.7-inch.

    Capable of recording video at VGA (640×480) resolution, the PO4030 is said to be one of the industry’s smallest and most compact solutions, thanks to the PlusPixel technology developed by PixelPlus (tongue-twister, I know). They promise “sharper image quality in low light conditions.”

    Volume production is expected in Q4, but samples of the PO4030 are available now for all you manufacturers out there.