DAP with built-in massage feature


    Novel idea or temptation for abuse? You decide.

    It’s the OSIM IGoGo, a DAP that has built in a pair of massage pads that knead to the groove. Plunk that music player right down on the shoulder that’s sore from hunching over the keyboard all day and press play. Assuming that you’ve chosen a relaxing song, you’ll get some relief. We can imagine, however, this being used as a stimulant as well, like to wake up a foot that fell asleep or maybe to get your brain going in the morning instead of a cup of java.

    The LCD isn’t that much to look at—literally. The price is a bit steep as well, US$440. And, you can get it right now only in Asia.

    Still, the combination of soft music and soft hands is a powerful one indeed. This one will find a market.