Seagate predicts 275GB HDD in music players by 2009


    Pretty happy with the 80GB HDD on the new(ish) iPod? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Hard drive maker Seagate has predicted that hard drives on music players will hold up to 275GB as soon as 2009. Seagate made this prediction as part of a keynote address celebrating the 50th birthday of the hard drive. They suggest that the same 1.8 inch drives that we have now will be able to reach the 275GB threshold by scaling existing technology. That’s a whole lot of songs. Or episodes of Desperate Housewives.

    Seagate didn’t stop there with their lofty predictions. They also foresee the storage capacity on 2.5 inch laptops increasing to 500GB by 2009, and desktop drives up all the way to 2.5TB by the same time. The last one is an ambitious prediction since Hitachi is still a couple of months away from releasing the first ever 1TB drive. The space will be needed with all the new content and HD video available.