Nodus Psyclone PSP Speaker Dock for those very few UMD movies


    In the world of the portable video games, there are the two major players — the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP — but one department where the latter simply cannot compete is with multimedia (at least at this point). Sure, Nintendo is releasing its own MP3 player attachment for the dual-screened wonder, but if you want to watch the latest Peter Jackson epic, you won’t be doing it on a DS.

    The PSP, however, with its gorgeous widescreen display, provides an excellent alternative to a standalone PMP, and especially when you add on the Nodus Psyclone Speaker Dock, you really do have a miniature home theatre on the go!

    The sound quality is said to be excellent, thanks to the integrated T-Amp. Obviously, you won’t be playing any games while the PSP is in its dock, and you’ll need to take it out to change UMD movies, but hey, the curvy Nodus Psyclone is awful purdy.

    Pricing is set at $199, and it can be picked up at any number of electronics and gaming retailers.