Nissan working on road intelligence system

Nissan working on road intelligence system


Nissan is hard at work on a car-to-road communication system that will allow drivers to access warning signals while driving down the road.

The system is rather sophisticated, bouncing signals back and forth between traffic lights and electric poles to track how fast a vehicle is going. The stated purpose of this activity is to be able to warn a driver who is going fast enough to run a red light or about to plow into another vehicle because of poor visibility, but we can’t help but wonder whether that information could be stored, along with a photo of the vehicle’s license plate number, to silently yet efficiently track speeding drivers.

Nissan will put a group of 2,000 drivers in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan through the paces of a large testing structure beginning next month. Surprisingly, the tests are scheduled to last for 17 months.

For their part, Toyota and Honda are also working on the same kind of systems. Those tests will start soon in other parts of the country.

It’s all part of a government mandate of having a nationwide intelligent transportation system in place by 2010.