Minox DC1101 gets plated in 24K gold


    Well, this will go quite well with your $300,000 Black Diamond smartphone. Not only do your wardrobe and automobile have to be blinged out, so does your camera. Minox has got you covered with the 24K gold-plated edition of their DC1011, aptly nicknamed the “carat”. It’s even got a bunch of diamonds encrusted around the lens: ten 2-millimeter ones to be exact.

    Just like the Black Diamond, the features here aren’t exactly what will sell you on this camera, but I guess you should still know what they are. The megapixel count is at 10.1, the optical zoom is 3x (10.4x digital), and the preview TFT display measures 2.5-inches. In addition to the 32MB of on-board memory, you can also stash your shiny pics on SD cards up to 2GB. Not exactly industry leading, but it’ll certainly satisfy the pickiest of point-and-shooters.

    No word on pricing just yet, but if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. In the meantime, the non-bling DC1011 is also available at a price more in line with the rest of the digital cameras on the market.