Zune to hit the shelves by Christmas


    Christmas shopping just got more confusing for some people. Microsoft has announced that the Zune, their answer to the iPod, will be available in time for the holiday season this year. They will also have the Zune Marketplace, where you can buy content online by that time.

    The Zune, which comes in black, white or brown, will have the features that we have been expecting. It will debut with a 30GB HDD and a 3 inch QVGA screen. It will have built in FM and will support a wide range of formats including h.264, MP3, AAC and WMA. The big news, though, is the WiFi capabilities. With that you’ll be able to do tricks like sharing files with friends who have a Zune. They can listen to a song that you bought on the Zune Marketplace up to three times in three days and then they will have the option to buy it themselves. New software updates promise to increase the uses of the WiFi as well.

    Microsoft hasn’t told us what they will be charging for their new device yet. If it is competitive with the iPod, and you would assume it will be, then we could have an interesting war on our hands.