MaxFile Attache: a wafer-thin 12GB USB microdrive


    With the popularity of downloading audio and video and all manner of other files these days, it’s no surprise that portable storage devices are allowing more and more space. Such is the case with the MaxFile Attache, from PNY Technologies.

    It’s a USB 2.0 hard drive that stocks 12GB of space but is wafer-thin. Dimensions are 2.4 x 1.25 x 0.4 inches. The manufacturers use a business card as a size reference.

    The USB connector is hidden when not attached to a PC or portable device, so the MaxFile Attache is eminently portable. You can also take advantage of the built-in backup and synchronization software, for easily portability of email and other software settings.

    Other details: You can get an 8GB version, if you want to scrimp on storage. It comes with a belt clip, in case you have no more room in your pockets or wallet. The 12GB version retails for US$169.99, and you can get one here.