Another iPhone prototype – Is this the real deal?

Another iPhone prototype – Is this the real deal?


We’ve been itching to get some sort of official announcement from the Stevemeister regarding an Apple iPhone, and until he holds another media gala like he did a couple of days ago, nothing is going to be confirmed and the rumours will continue to run rampant.

The latest is yet another rendering of what the Apple iPhone could be like, and from what we can see, it bears a striking resemblance to the outgoing first-gen iPod Nano. It’s got the glossy black front, chrome back, and an extended display. As the click wheel is still firmly in place, you would expect this to be a very music-centric mobile phone (and not a smartphone as previously reported).

If you’re wondering how you would actually go about making a phone call, they’re saying that the conventional numpad slides out the bottom, like countless other musicphones on the market (*cough* Chocolate *cough*). Of course, considering that the new Nanos got Mini-esque colorful aluminium exteriors, I wouldn’t expect Apple to “bring back” the first-gen Nano design for their iPhone. I could be wrong, but we won’t know until Steve Jobs takes the stage again.