iRiver s10 puts one past the big Apple?

iRiver s10 puts one past the big Apple?


The new and improved iPod Shuffle is only a day old and already a better option has come along. The new iRiver s10 is aimed at the same segment of people who would be attracted to the super-small Shuffle, but it does some tricks that the Shuffle can only dream of. The s10 is only slightly bigger than the Shuffle, but it adds both a screen and 2GB of storage, and you can record FM as well. The screen is a 1.15 inch 128×96 OLED, so you don’t have to guess what it is you are about to listen to.

The player measures 1.6 x 1.2 inches and is only one third of an inch, or 10 mm, thick, and it just weighs 1.9 grams more than the Shuffle, even though it can do so much more than the Shuffle can. There is one downside – the battery life is only 8 hours, so the Shuffle is superior in that regard.

The s10 will be available in Korea starting September 18 for $175, or $140 with 1GB of memory.