Garmin Mobile 20: info-loaded mobile navigation for your car

Garmin Mobile 20: info-loaded mobile navigation for your car


Not wanting to get left out of the voice-activated, turn-by-turn navigation update game, Garmin is back with an improvement on existing technology. The Garmin Mobile 20 is a system that is designed for auto navigation via smartphones running Bluetooth.

You can get that pleasant-sounding voice to give you street-by-street directions to millions of points of interest, using a moving 3D map and featuring a route recalculator in case you make a wrong turn.

Garmin Mobile 20 can connect to Web-based data, such as real-time traffic and construction info or weather forecasts or even gas prices in your area. The filling station information seems a bit excessive for my tastes, but here you go: You get access to the station’s name, fuel price, types of fuel offered, and distance to that station.

One other new feature worth noting is PeerPoints, an SMS feature that you can use to send your position (or any information, for that matter, such as information about a point of interest) to another phone. Nothing like telling your friends and family that you’re stuck in gridlock or suggesting a fun place to meet for dinner.

You can get your hands on the Garmin Mobile 20 beginning in November. Price is expected to be US$299.