Security vulnerability found in PSP


    Your PSP may not be as safe and secure as you thought it was. PandaLabs has found a vulnerability, a flaw in a buffer overflow that allows malicious code to run on the PSP. A proof of concept that it can work on any version of firmware that can view TIFF files and can exploit this flaw already exists, so malicious code can’t be too far behind.

    This isn’t the first case of problems with gaming consoles. Last year Format.A and Tahen Trojans were detected which targeted the devices, delete critical files and could just make the console a doorstop.

    Fortunately, avoiding these problems is relatively simple. Don’t put any software that doesn’t come from a trustworthy source onto your machine, and run software through a virus scan before you install it. You also need to be careful that external communications via USB, IrDA and WiFi with sketchy machines are avoided.