Panasonic Toughbook CF-W5, CF-T5 and CF-Y5 released

Panasonic Toughbook CF-W5, CF-T5 and CF-Y5 released


Panasonic has unveiled three new ultraportable Toughbooks. The CF-W5, CF-T5, and CF-Y5 all have magnesium alloy bodies and shock mounted hard drives, so you don’t have to have a heart attack if you bump or drop your machine, because it will be fine.

The CF-W5 has a 12.1 inch display to go with its 60GB HDD and Core Solo processor. The 8 hours of battery life make it easy to take on the go, and the fact that it is 1.8 inches thick and just 3.1 pounds means that it won’t weigh you down.

The CF-T5 is heavier at 3.5 pounds, but in exchange for the extra weight you get a touch sensitive screen and an extra two hours of battery time.

Finally, the CF-Y5 has a larger 14.1 inch display, Bluetooth and a DVD/CD-RW drive in a 3.5 pound package.

All three models have optional EV-DO or UMTS/HSDPA wireless modems. The first two machines will hit shelves in October for $1,899, while the fancier machine will come in December for $2,199.