Now Dodge isn’t going to make Tomahawk super bike


    How quickly things change. Although it was reported as recently as last Friday that the Dodge Tomahawk was ready to go into production, it seems that is no longer the case. Chrysler spokesperson Sam Locricchio has gone on the record and said that the Viper V10-powered super bike known as the Dodge Tomahawk “remains a design exercise” and is unlikely to ever become anything more than a concept.

    I guess — technically — things never changed. After all, DaimlerChrysler never made any announcement indicating that they were going to unleash the 500hp Tomahawk unto the masses; it was just another one of those random Internet rumours that just went out of control. It only makes sense for the carmaker to not make the Tomahawk, given that the consensus on the web had it priced at $250,000.

    Too bad. It would have been a blast to have the 8.3L powerplant between your legs as you roared up to speeds of over 300mph.