Nokia E62: smartphone-plus for Cingular

Nokia E62: smartphone-plus for Cingular


Nokia and Cingular have hooked up on a smartphone offer that both hope will be an alternative to the popular Blackberry. It’s the E62, and it’s a one-inch-thick handset for the business set.

First of all, there’s the full QWERTY keyboard. The buttons are still a bit small, but at least they’re all there.

You’ll appreciate that full keyboard when you’re using the IM or SMS functions and the direct push email, which works with a host of email clients, not just Exchange. Also included are full attachment handling and an editing function. Powering all those data transfers are EDGE and Bluetooth technologies.

This being the modern age of smartphones, the Nokia E62 also has a built-in MP3 player and allows you to choose one of your stored MP3s as your ringtone.

And just to prove that it’s not all the business, the phone comes with a 5-way joystick, for those times you want a little entertainment in between virtual meetings.

You can pick up an E62 at the end of this month, for just US$149.99.