Mini Bluetooth Keyboard the size of a clamshell

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard the size of a clamshell


Not sure about you, but I prefer to have a keyboard with buttons I can actually feel. If I’m dealing with a mobile phone or even a smartphone, that’s not a perfect option. I’m always on the lookout for better options in this regard.

One of those might just be a Bluetooth keyboard from Brando. It is indeed a full keyboard, one that folds out into a size that resembles a laptop’s but that folds back up to the size of a clamshell phone. The keyboard is 3.7 inches wide when closed, making it a ready companion to your phone in your pocket or purse. That’s smaller than your larger variety of smartphones. The keyboard weighs just 3 ounces as well, so you might not notice that someone has lifted it from you until it’s too late.

The Brando Mini Bluetooth Keyboard works with Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian, smartphones, and even PCs, and it retails for just US$56 here.