Adidas-Polar RS800 running computer


    Steve Jobs may be bragging today that he has sold more than 450,000 Nike+iPod Sport Kit running computers, but that device can’t even hold a candle to the new Adidas-Polar RS800 running computer, though the new Adidas offering is definitely aimed at a higher end user who is less interested in hearing funky music when they work out. It is a three piece device. Like the Nike model there is a sensor embedded in the shoes (and Adidas will certainly sell you the shoes, too). A second transmitter which is integrated into your shirt can take readings of your vitals. There are a full range of fashion options which you can wear with the sensor, and the sensor is soft and comfortable enough that you can wear it without being bothered. The signals from both of the transmitters are sent to a wrist worn monitor.

    This product isn’t just targeted to a different user, it lives in a different price point, too. The entire system will cost $680, not including the clothing.