Zigview S2 Digital Angle Finder: long-distance image control


    In a nod to the increasing portability of modern electronics, Zigview has come out with an accessory for digital cameras that can be detached.

    The S2 Digital Angle Finder is a device that attaches to the camera’s viewfinder and gives you a live video feed on the LCD. The new functionality comes in when you unsnap the viewfinder from the camera back and walk away with it. The extension cable lets you walk up to 10 meters away.

    This kind of device is good for taking time-release family photos, of course, as well as for taking shots of birds or other wildlife without risking scaring them away by your presence. Extend that adaptability to spycam techniques, however, and you begin to see the capabilities of this handy device.

    You can get your hands on one of these devices beginning next month, for a price of US$466.