Toshiba working on 3-layer, dual-format DVDs

Toshiba working on 3-layer, dual-format DVDs


Why stop at one or two layers when you can have three? That’s the question that Toshiba is answering in the realm of DVDs. The result is expected to be a three-layer disc, which can play on both conventional and high-definition DVD players.

The main question remains whether the discs will be a single-layer 4.7GB DVD along with a dual-layer 15GB HD DVD or a dual-layer 8.5GB DVD and a single-layer 15GB HD DVD. Maybe Toshiba will get all happy and produce both.

The promise here is an HD DVD disc that has “standard” features that need not be in hi-def format; all of that content, including the movie in hi-def, could be crammed onto one three-layer disc. Put that together with a hybrid DVD player, and you can really cut down on expenses.

It seems clear that you might not have to trash those conventional DVD players after all, and most importantly, forking over your hard-earned cash for both formats of DVD.