The Kindle – Amazon’s new e-book reader?

The Kindle – Amazon’s new e-book reader?


Amazon is continuing their efforts to be directly involved in every aspect of our lives. It makes sense that they would want to be the leader in the e-book market, and they are confirming their determination to do that with the appearance of the Amazon Kindle, their own e-book device which will go head to head with the Sony Reader.

The good folks over at Engadget uncovered this unannounced device, so the details are sketchy, but the pictures look a bit like the design was stolen from 1987. The device has a 6 inch 800 x 600 display, and 256 MB of internal storage. An SD slot can add to the capacity. It has a two thumb keyboards and a scroll wheel for navigation. A mini USB port lets you transfer data, and a headphone jack keeps you from disturbing others (because reading can be so noisy). The one feature that really stands out is that the reader apparently has EV-DO for data transmission. Take that Sony.

We won’t know more details of this reader, or the accompanying content service, until Amazon makes their announcement. Any day now, folks.