Samsung to set semiconductor sales record in Q3

Samsung to set semiconductor sales record in Q3


Samsung is already incredibly massive, but it just keeps getting bigger. The company is about to set a sales record for semiconductor chips in the third quarter of this year. Sales were down in the second quarter, but momentum is strong and is expected to continue into next quarter. They credit increased demand and improved productivity for the gains.

The company is expecting large benefits from a stabilization, and potentially even an increase, in the price of NAND flash, due to new high tech products which need memory. They are also expecting that the DRAM chip market, driven by strong mobile DRAM demand, will remain strong through 2009.

Samsung can also expect a strong boost from their announcement today of the first 40-nanometer memory device, which is the first product to include Charge Trap Flash, or CTF, architecture. That new innovation dramatically improves chip performance, but also allows the maker to be more efficient in the manufacturing process.