Jitterbug phone: 3 buttons, 3 functions

Jitterbug phone: 3 buttons, 3 functions


Many people of all ages are baffled by the ever-expanding array of functions and buttons on today’s mobile phones. These folks are the target audience for a new clamshell, the Jitterbug.

It has just three buttons, and all are large. No more squinting or fumbling around pressing the wrong button. In fact, you don’t have to work hard to use this phone at all.

The Jitterbug has only three functions, which correspond to the three buttons of course. Press the Operator button and you’ll get a live voice at the network, who can help you search for any number you need.

Another of the buttons is labeled 911. Its function is self-explanatory. The middle button is My Choice, which dials the number you have dialed most frequently.

That’s it. No music, no camera, no email. If you want those functions, you’ll be buying another phone anyway.

OK, so the phone has a couple more buttons: talk and volume. But that’s it. It’s also not all that expensive. The price tag is just US$100, and that includes a car charger and 100 free minutes.

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