That’s too expensive – Dodge ditches VW platform for Hornet


    If a German trade publication is to be trusted, the Dodge Hornet will not make use of a Volkswagen platform as previously rumoured. Automobilwoche is reporting that VW “was unable to give the company an attractive enough price”, and as such, DaimlerChrysler is looking for a different partner to help build the b-segment vehicle.

    The plan is still to sell the Hornet at around the $10,000 mark whenever it hits the market, but it won’t be doing with the help of Volkswagen. Earlier reports had the Hornet being based on the same platform as the Polo or Jetta, but that idea has now been thrown out the window.

    If the Dodge Hornet ever does get built, it could very well be one of the most international cars out there, because Chrysler may be working with Chery Automobile of China to get it on the road. The result? A German-owned company getting a Chinese automaker to produce its American car.