Samsung produces 7-inch single-chip WXGA LCDs

Samsung produces 7-inch single-chip WXGA LCDs


The ninja-like lab suits may be pretty darn impressive, but you should focus your attention more on what they have in their hands. The folks over at Samsung have commenced mass production of seven-inch widescreen LCDs that make use of single-chip packaging solution.

The WXGA displays, with higher resolutions and slimmer designs, are “well suited” for a number of multimedia applications that are all the rage these days, including DMB handhelds, PMPs, portable DVD players, and personal GPS navigation devices.

By making use of their innovative single-chip solution, the “footprint and component count has been reduced to about 1/3 of a conventional 7-inch LCD”. We love our all of our things slimmer and more compact. and that’s exactly what Samsung has done. A five-inch version is also expected within the first half of next year.