Palm Treo 700wx finally hits the market

Palm Treo 700wx finally hits the market


That new Treo you’ve heard so much about is finally shipping.

Palm is now sending the Treo 700wx smartphone all around the world. The EvDO phone runs Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition, which is a bit of a departure from the 700p, which ran Palm OS.

Some key features of this new smartphone, for those of us who like such things, are a touch-screen interface, the ability to save images and sounds from the Web, and a built-in viewer and editor for PDF, Word, and Excel files. Although the keyboard is a little small and not quite full QWERTY capacity, it should be more than adequate to perform most tasks.

Another thing to like about the Treo 700wx is its built-in dial-up networking capabilities. Because this is an EvDO phone, you can use it as a modem that is an alternative to Wi-Fi.

And since it is the very latest model, it includes the very latest in email technology, which is Direct Push. And because that’s Windows powering the functionality, it’s Exchange running the show, which means you get not only email but also calendar, instant messaging, to-do lists, and such.

Sprint is the carrier of choice for this product. Initial price is US$499.