Hybrio puts initial juice in rechargeable batteries


    If there’s one thing that you want when you open up a package of batteries, it’s that they work. Buy a packet of Duracells or Energizers and you’ll get functionality right out of the box. Most rechargeable batteries, however, have to be charged first.

    Here is Hybrio to the rescue. That Hybrio would be the brand name. The company name is Uniross. Through its subsidiary North American Battery Company comes a set of four rechargeable batteries that the kind folks at the factory have taken the trouble to juice up before stuffing them in the package. So when you rip open that pack, you can get right to work.

    The company says you won’t have to charge the batteries for a few months and that the number of available recharges is 500.

    Pricing for this nifty set of AAs has yet to be announced. We do know that you should be able to get them in October.