GM trademark points to 8 speed transmission


    General Motors desperately needs to do something to stand out and start competing again. They may be looking towards a new transmission to help do that.

    Not just any transmission, though – an 8 speed transmission. The company filed a trademark for the term ‘8 Speed’ and the pictured logo. The filing indicated that the trademark relates to transmissions.

    If GM were to go with an 8 speed transmission quickly they would be just the second maker to offer the option, and by far the largest. So far only Lexus makes vehicles available with 8 speeds. The move would make good sense for GM. Both the Buick and the Cadillac lines do well with such a system, as the high end offerings need something more than Tiger Woods to make people want to own one. An 8-speed could definitely do that. It would take a lot of shifting, but man would it be fun to drive.