Disney iPod skins make your nano fun

Disney iPod skins make your nano fun


If you wondered whether iPods were just for adults, look no further for proof of the reverse. Disney is showing off new iPod cases, and your kids’ favorite Disney characters are the stars of the show.

The skins come in two fabrics, silicone and PVC. The PVC are definitely the more colorful ones, but the silicone have their merits as well. If you’re looking for Mickey or Minnie Mouse, you’ll want the silicone case. Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore appear on both silicone and PVC skins. Piglet and Tigger are exclusive to the PVC.

The skins have designs on both sides and have openings for headphones and docking, of course. One thing you’ll find on these skins that isn’t a component of some others is a transparent protector for the LCD.

We should mention that you’ll need a nano in order to use these skins properly. So far, Disney hasn’t released products for other iPod models. Nor is the pricing for these skins readily available, although it probably won’t set you back too much unless you buy one of each.