Toshiba TS808 clamshell: Slim, musical, and hi-res

Toshiba TS808 clamshell: Slim, musical, and hi-res


Inevitably, the Toshiba TS808 flip phone is going to be compared to the Motorola RAZR as it is the latest in a long line of skinny clamshells, just like the Sanyo Katana and Samsung Blade before it.

The controls on the outer face indicate that the TS808 is a music phone, complemented by an external display that’ll show album information, song title, and song length. The 10MB of memory on-board probably won’t satisfy all your music needs, so you’ll need to invest in a miniSD card (or a few, max supported is up to 1GB). Music can be a private experience with headphones, or a communal one with the internal stereo speakers.

Other key features of the Toshiba TS808, to be offered through Vodafone and Swisscom Mobile, include a 1.3 megapixel camera, a hi-res display, and Bluetooth wireless technology. No word on pricing.