TiVO for your mobile phone coming soon

TiVO for your mobile phone coming soon


TiVO on your mobile phone? It’s coming.

Texas Instruments is taking the lead in this regard. In fact, the venerable electronics manufacturer is already demonstrating such technology.

The TiVO revolution was and still is all about watching at your own convenience. TiVO and its competitors rely on a hard-disk driven video recording device that lets you record TV shows for later viewing. Because the shows are stored as data on a hard disk, they are much easier to access than equivalent recordings on videotapes.

So here is TI, demonstrating the same technology for mobile phones, at a convention in Amsterdam. Record mobile TV shows and store them on your phone, for later viewing. You can also take advantage of a split-screen technology that allows you to watch a recorded show while also watching a live show in a separate, smaller window. Now that’s convenience.

Samsung and Nokia are expected to join TI in the drive for providing PVR capabilities on mobile phones. Whether this increased functionality will translate into more viewers of mobile TV remains to be seen. As of now, not a whole lot of people are all that fond of holding their phones up to their noses and squinting to make out details on a tiny screen.

Then there’s the memory requirement. Not a whole lot of shows or movies will fit on the memory cards currently powering mobile phones. Conceivably, this difficulty will be overcome as well.