RIM to release the Pearl of all smartphones

RIM to release the Pearl of all smartphones


Not all Blackberries are Blackberries. Some are Pearls.

Research in Motion, maker of the wildly popular Blackberry smartphone, will soon release a smartphone called Pearl, which also has a camera and music player built in. That camera is 1.3 megapixels, and the music player also plays video. Oh, yes, the smartphone functionality of the Blackberry is here as well: Email, SMS, Web browsing, IMing, BlackBerry Maps, and a QWERTY-style keypad can all be yours. Expandable memory is possible using microSD cards.

Pearl will have its big launch on September 12. The initial carrier will be T-Mobile, although other carriers are expected to carry the phone as well. T-Mobile plans to charge US$199 for the phone, provided that you sign up for a two-year contract.