Mobile TV expands in Britain

Mobile TV expands in Britain


Some of the biggest names in British television are coming to mobile phones.

BBC One, Channel 4, and ITV1 will be shown on Virgin Mobile phones beginning October 1. Moreover, the service, put together by BT Movio, will use the DAB digital radio network, not the 3G phone system. As a result, up to 50 DAB radio stations will be available as well.

BT Movio is quick to point out that the TV lineups will not include 100 percent of the networks’ programming. Some films, sport showings, and American programs will be absent. In addition, Channel 4 will take its time in getting its listings up and ready for mobile viewing.

Specifically, the Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV phone will be the primary vehicle for this new TV offering. You can get the TV service and the phone for free, as long as you buy into a contract that costs you 25 pounds a month. Casual viewers who don’t wish to so commit can still get the phone, although it will cost 199 pounds.