Is the love affair with hybrids cooling off?


    We hear more and more news about hybrid vehicles every day it seems, but there are some anecdotal indications that the hybrid craze could be slowing down a little bit. Waiting lists for Toyota hybrids, the industry leaders, are half as long as they were two years ago, and Honda does not have any delay in delivery at all in most places. Some of this can be explained by increased production capacity, of course, but there could be more to it. A spokesman for the AAA says that he feels that hybrid sales have spiked and that they are leveling off. They will, in his mind, remain popular with those obsessed with fuel efficiency or the techno-snobs who want the latest and greatest, but their much higher comparative retail costs are turning people off. Instead, he feels, people are looking towards more fuel efficient regular vehicles.

    This opinion is backed up by sales data. Though Honda has seen their hybrid sales stay relatively flat, many areas are experiencing huge demand for the Honda Pilot, a V6 SUV which is smaller and more fuel efficient than other comparable options.