Sprint offers pay-per-view movies on cell phones

Sprint offers pay-per-view movies on cell phones


Sprint may not be the sexiest name that comes to mind when it comes to innovating the cell phone industry, but they’ve got a nation’s first for us. Yesterday, the CDMA service provider launched Sprint Movies, America’s first “pay-per-view” movie service for mobile phones.

Granted, mobile TV is a big hit in Korea, but it really hasn’t caught on all that much on our side of the pond. This could provide a big step toward convincing people that watching videos on your cell phone is a fun, hip, and an entertaining thing to do. Get those squinty eyes ready.

They’re starting with more than 45 movies from a number of studios. You can get a scare from The Village, a thrill from Spider-Man 2, and a chuckle from Billy Madison, all from the comfort of your cell phone.

Like ordering pay-per-view on your satellite TV at home, you get more than a single viewing when you pick a flick, being able to access it for between 24 hours and one week. Pricing ranges from $3.99 to $5.99 per movie.

One bit that may not go over to well with fans is that all films are edited to adhere to the TV-14 standard. No PPV pr0n for you.