Sony Ericsson developing online music store

Sony Ericsson developing online music store


Pretty soon the list of companies that don’t have their own online music store will be shorter than those that do. The latest company to hint that they are about to offer their own retail experience online is Sony Ericsson. This move likely comes about as a result of Nokia recently buying Loudeye to launch their own online presence.

The specific details of Sony Ericsson’s plans aren’t known, but Sony has the Connect music store operating already, so it would make sense that Sony Ericsson would tie into that service somehow instead of starting from scratch. It will also be interesting to see how they tie the new service into their Walkman phones so that people are encouraged to buy the phones. This will be especially important in North America, especially if the iPod phone does come along as expected.

There’s no word on when this new store may go live, though it is expected within the next few months.