LG unleashes more DMB goodness: LB1700

LG unleashes more DMB goodness: LB1700


Like just about everyone else on the planet, I can’t help but have a soft spot for the Chocolate phone, arguably the most beautiful cell phone out there today. But hey, LG isn’t a one trick monkey. Not by a long shot. Their new LB1700 takes the trendy black exterior and adds in some mobile entertainment via DMB or Digital Multimedia Broadcasting. But wait… there’s more.

Of course, all the usual suspects have joined in on the party as well. Watching TV via DMB is easily its biggest selling point (too bad it has the obligatory but unsightly antenna), but you can also enjoy FM radio on the LB1700. The integrated MP3 player is a given, as is the built-in picture taker (a 1.3MP unit in this case).

At 106 grams, it’s quite the light phone, but I suspect it’ll be accompanied by not quite so light a price when it hits the streets of Korea.