Korean Air bans carry-on laptop batteries

Korean Air bans carry-on laptop batteries


Korean Air has jumped on the “Ban the Laptops” bandwagon, following the lead of Qantas. Effective immediately, if you have a Dell, an iBook, or a Powerbook, you can’t take that fully functional laptop on any Korean Air flight.

Airline officials will make you remove the laptop battery and store it in your checked luggage, leaving you with a laptop you can’t use. Naturally, Korean Air wants to be cautious. After all, the list of airlines reporting flaming or exploding laptops seems to be growing.

However, we wonder how much less the damage is if the laptop explodes in the cargo hold. Conceivably, that cargo hold has oxygen in it, which a fire needs to keep burning. If the explosion is big enough, then it probably won’t matter where that laptop is. Sure, it won’t be in the passenger cabin, able to take out a few rows of unsuspecting passengers, but it will be on the plane, with the potential to down it. Why not just say that no laptops of any kind are allowed?