Heated seats = sperm killers?


    Heated seats may be the greatest thing ever in winter, but they may not be particularly helpful when it comes to starting a family. Dr. Herbert Sperling, a German urologist, says that heated seats could reduce the growth of sperm. He suggests that the butt-warmers could have a more negative impact than constantly wearing tight pants does.

    The heated seats raise the temperature of the testicles by 3 degrees Celsius, from the normal 35 to a toasty 38. Sperling has shown that drivers with the hot seats are most likely to have slow or misshapen sperm.

    Before anyone gets any crazy ideas, having heated seats is clearly not an effective form of birth control, so don’t even try it. There is a lesson here, though: even if you live in a truly miserable winter climate, wear loose clothes and suffer through the horror of cold seats. Or just don’t have kids.